UMBRA investigations

Based in Geneva and Lausanne, UMBRA Investigations is the only investigation agency in Swiss Romandy which focuses exclusively on the art of shadowing.

Gain access confidentially to reliable and truthful information which you can use to determine how best to proceed.

Shadowing is our speciality

We, as an agency, have chosen to specialise in this single field of activity because our principal aim is to provide our clients with completely reliable and efficient services which combine discretion, confidentiality and professionalism.

Our agency is directed by a qualified investigator who holds a Federal diploma as a criminal investigation detective and who is a former member of a police tailing squad. Our surveillance methods are based on those used in tailing squads. The resources used in each surveillance operation, both from a human and a strategic and technological point of view, enable our agency to provide its clients with a guarantee of an outstanding success/accomplishment rate.

UMBRA, an investigation agency, by your side in Switzerland and abroad

UMBRA Investigations knows no boundaries. Our investigation agency covers the whole of Switzerland as well as all of Europe, Asia and the US. As a member of the international association of private detectives, our agency is able to respond in a timely fashion all over the world.

On this basis, in relation to assignments abroad, our international partners make available their surveillance vehicles and their geographic knowledge. This way, our investigators deployed in the field are able to operate in the same conditions as on Swiss soil and that with the same attention to detail and efficiency at all times.

Our mission

The aim of UMBRA Investigations is to collect all information in keeping with the needs of its clients, especially via comprehensive and confidential surveillance operations.

Whether the matter is of a corporate or a private nature, our agency makes its mission to provide each of its clients with a concrete and reliable response, particularly based on relevant images (photos and/or videos) and proven facts. These observations, reproduced in their entirety in a detailed and timestamped investigation report, are passed on to our clients when the investigation ends. It should be noted that these reports are recognised by and are admissible in courts of law. 

Our investigators

The work methods used by our private detectives in the field are majorly based on team work, recognised know-how and substantial experience. UMBRA Investigations has gathered professional investigators trained by the Geneva police force for some and the French police for others. Their training, as well as their professionalism enables us the possibility to guarantee the execution of each assignment entrusted to us to a perfection and that in full compliance with the law.

As our agents hold the authority-issued permits that they need to carry out their private detective work, they are able to testify as and when necessary in order to defend your interests.

Our agency welcomes you in its Geneva and Lausanne offices by appointment in order to analyse your case in depth and devise, with the input of our experts, an action strategy which meets every aspect of your needs and is tailored to your budget.

Useful information

Ease of payment
Depending on the assignment at hand, clients have the possibility to pay in monthly instalments.

A meeting place convenient for you
For clients wishing to meet at any location away from our Geneva or Lausanne offices, our experts will travel to the desired meeting place at your convenience.

Meeting and investigation report in a foreign language
As our agency boasts a team of private detectives with a range of language skills, UMBRA Investigations is able to conduct its meetings in the language of your choosing. On demand, our investigation reports can also be produced in your preferred language.