Private matters

Whether you are looking to clear up any suspicions that you may have about a person close to you, or you simply want reassurances about a situation that is concerning you, UMBRA Investigations places all its expertise and professionalism at your disposal. You can therefore confidentially gain access to reliable and truthful information which you can use to determine what to do next.

Gain access confidentially to reliable and truthful information which you can use to determine how best to proceed.

Marital matters

Couples, couples involved in divorce proceedings

Although it is never easy to admit that you have suspicions about the actions of your partner, it is sometimes necessary to shed light on situations that seem unclear and to seek explanation for disturbing attitudes displayed by your partner or spouse. Reaching out to UMBRA Investigations can give you peace of mind in total discretion during these periods of suspicion and provide you with a reliable and truthful response.

To assess the situation related to your marital situation in the best possible way and take the most suitable action, our investigators are well-versed in remaining discreet and bearing your needs in mind.


  • Adultery
  • Suspected infidelity
  • Monitoring trips and outings, the company kept and behaviour of the spouse at evening events

Divorced couples or those involved in divorce proceedings

  • Re-assessment of maintenance allowance
  • Custody of children

Family matters

Parents and children

The transition from childhood to adulthood can sometimes be difficult to manage: both for your child, who feels the need to assert himself/herself and explore new horizons, and for you too, as you see your child change and have no way of knowing if you have any cause for concern.

Adolescence is a period synonymous with mood swings, meeting new people and searching for new experiences. Although this is a normal process, when poorly supervised, it can sometimes lead to situations where the health of your child is at risk or even put his/her future in jeopardy.

Some indicators, such as a decline in academic performance, social withdrawal or a loss of appetite, are signs that you should be wary of.

In order to provide the best possible assessment of your child’s situation and take the most appropriate action, the services intended for parents are provided by a former police detective trained at the Geneva minor’s unit. He will use all his experience and his expertise in this field to answer your questions and construct, with your input, a response strategy that is consistent with your expectations.


  • Monitoring the company kept by a teenager
  • Checking the timetable of your child
  • Suspected drug or alcohol use
  • Suspected drug trafficking
  • Suspected extortion/ bullying perpetrated against your child
  • Unexplained change in your child’s behaviour
  • Checking on how the babysitter treats your children when you are away

Routine matters


Whether it is a member of your family who you are concerned about, or a friend that you think is in trouble, or has even gone off the rails, some situations need to be given time before we can understand the causes and help the person we hold dear.

Using our services gives you support in what can be a nerve-wracking time and provides you with a specific and reliable response to your concerns.


  • Surveillance of a person and/or the company that he/she keeps
  • Monitoring and checking on lifestyles
  • Suspected drug use
  • Checking on alcohol use
  • Sudden and/or concerning change in a friend’s behaviour
  • Identification of address

Our agency welcomes you in its Geneva, Lausanne and Nyon offices by appointment in order to analyse your case in depth and devise, with the input of our experts, an action strategy which meets every aspect of your needs and is tailored to your budget.

Useful information

Ease of payment
Depending on the assignment at hand, clients have the possibility to pay in monthly instalments.

A meeting place convenient for you
For clients wishing to meet at any location away from our Geneva, Lausanne or Nyon offices, our experts will travel to the desired meeting place at your convenience.

Meeting and investigation report in a foreign language
As our agency boasts a team of private detectives with a range of language skills, UMBRA Investigations is able to conduct its meetings in the language of your choosing. On demand, our investigation reports can also be produced in your preferred language.

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How we work



Explanation of your problem to one of our experts and determination of the objectives to be achieved.

Study of your file by our investigation group and identification of the means and tools to be im-plemented.

Sending of a detailed and personalized estimate, meeting in all aspects your expectations and your budget.

Investigations and monitoring carried out by our observation group.Investigations and monitoring carried out by our observation group.

Submission of a detailed and time-stamped report, recognized and usable before Swiss and inter-national courts.