Our modus operandi: Shadowing

As a supremely efficient means of surveillance, shadowing (or tailing) is the ultimate tool in the field of investigation. This operation, which requires appropriate training and vast experience in the field, makes it possible to gather crucial information which cannot be obtained by any other means.

On the basis of an unusual approach to physical surveillance and innovative surveillance techniques, UMBRA Investigations is able to provide each of its clients with a guarantee of highly reliable and professional services.

The art of shadowing (tailing)

On the basis of supporting videos and/or photos, this process actually makes it possible to accurately retrace the events and actions of the subject being followed, irrespective of how the subject travels about.

However, if this process is not managed delicately, it can be catastrophic for the client whose interests may be completely undermined, especially if the investigators show a lack of discretion or lose sight of the subject being followed.

Innovative methods

clearly increasing the success rate

Our company is the only agency in Swiss Romandy that focuses exclusively on the practice of shadowing. Our experts have adopted strategies which are able to meet every aspect of the needs and expectations of their clients. It is thanks to our unusual approach to shadowing and our innovative surveillance methods on the private investigation market that we are able to provide each of our clients with a guarantee of highly reliable and professional services.

Mastered practice of shadowing

Our surveillance operations, based on the experience and know-how of our detectives, as well as their team work, are carried out by our mobile surveillance unit. This unit, directed by a former member of a police tailing squad, comprises vastly experienced agents, most of whom were trained by the police. Used to working side by side, our agents have established automatic mechanisms which ensure that our clients receive accomplished and consistent services synonymous with success.

Our agency welcomes you in its Geneva, Lausanne and Nyon offices by appointment in order to analyse your case in depth and devise, with the input of our experts, an action strategy which meets every aspect of your needs and is tailored to your budget.

Useful information

Ease of payment
Depending on the assignment at hand, clients have the possibility to pay in monthly instalments.

A meeting place convenient for you
For clients wishing to meet at any location away from our Geneva, Lausanne or Nyon offices, our experts will travel to the desired meeting place at your convenience.

Meeting and investigation report in a foreign language
As our agency boasts a team of private detectives with a range of language skills, UMBRA Investigations is able to conduct its meetings in the language of your choosing. On demand, our investigation reports can also be produced in your preferred language.

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How we work



Explanation of your problem to one of our experts and determination of the objectives to be achieved.

Study of your file by our investigation group and identification of the means and tools to be im-plemented.

Sending of a detailed and personalized estimate, meeting in all aspects your expectations and your budget.

Investigations and monitoring carried out by our observation group.Investigations and monitoring carried out by our observation group.

Submission of a detailed and time-stamped report, recognized and usable before Swiss and inter-national courts.